Cane, Bamboo and Wood Flutes by James Gilliland


Award winning Native American flute maker from North Alabama James Gilliland has made flutes for the last 30+ years. James retired from the Space Program as a Senior Design Engineer after 40 years of service. He uses his engineering skills and Native American heart, to create high quality, accurately tuned flutes that sing. His flutes are made using the traditional methods and new technology.

He is famous for his traditional cane, bamboo and wood flutes. He holds the honor of having the first flute travel into space and played on the International Space Station in 2002, this flute is now at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC. He was also honored in 2005 as the First Place winner of the Musical Echoes, Flute Makers competition. His flutes have been sold around the world through The Oregon Flute Store since 1998.

James is a Native American Cherokee elder (He is a registered Native American of Cherokee/Creek/Scots Irish heritage), He is very proud of his heritage and continues to shows his respect by honoring the circle of life and passing on his well honed flute making craft to his great-grandson Hunter Pyle. So many Native crafts have been almost completely lost due to early European prevention to allow Natives to practice their traditions. Traditionally all native crafts were passed from one generation to the next by the tribal elders. James honors this tradition and has been teaching his great-grandson how to make Native American flutes.

<br>Cane Native American Flutes

Cane Native American Flutes

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Circle of Life Wood Flutes
Circle of Life Wood Flutes
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We offer flutes crafted by several flute makers. Some are Native; Some are not. We do not claim to be affiliated with a Native American Tribe. Some of our flutes are considered to be Native American Style Flutes. Not all our instruments and accessories are being made by tribal recognized Native American Indians. We will indicate in the product description if the item is Native made. Please visit The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 for more information on this issue. 
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