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Mini FX Sound System

Mini FX Sound System

Mini FX Sound System

Currently Out of Stock

New Sound System Mini- FX

By Litek

Play Native American Flute in Your own portable cave with our miniature Mini-FX wearable sound system

Make your outdoor (or indoor) playing sound like you are in a cave, or in the mountains. Your flute continues to be a pure acoustic instrument, while sounding like you are in a special place. At home, or walking through a crowd, an environment surrounds you. Litek's Mini-FX adds such full-bodied presence to your flute playing, that you will take it everywhere. At only 20 ounces, it is no more effort than carrying a camera.

Features:  Easy use :  High-tech inside, "retro" low-tech user-interface outside (knobs that each do only one thing), and normally operated without looking at it. No power draining lights, menus and readouts.  Programs : Select from 8 reverb programs, each with infinite adjustment, via 3 knobs (red, green, blue). Microphone : Plug in any condenser lapel microphone, and you're on. Our condenser microphone (sold separately) needs no battery, since they are powered by the specially wired microphone jack. Your own existing microphone (battery type or not) may also be used.

Shoulder Strap: Includes a supple, thick, woven nylon strap, with shoulder pad.

Power: Uses 4 AA alkaline cells for super long life (1-2 years or more, normal use). No wall wart, nor having to remember to charge anything.

Quality: Commercially hand-built to last indefinitely.

Support : Carries lifetime warranty for any owner (no reg required).

Output: Twin speakers deliver synthesized stereo, also includes a stereo headphone jack output.

Size: Smallest unit available at: length 7.5", width 5.5", thickness 1.8".

Click here To Hear A Sound Sample of the Mini FX system

New YouTube Review by Steve Carpenter- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSIWPWsagmc&feature=youtu.be

                                            ~Currently Out of Stock~
My Supplier Reports:

 “I am in a whirlwind of upset at the present time. My landlord had gotten old and decided to downsize and take over my residence and my shop and gave me eviction notice. We are in a turmoil and I cannot say what is immediately happening with Litek.”

Charles Kanavle, Owner of Litek Mini FX Sound System.

At this point I have no idea if and when I will receive any more of these sound systems. I have a waiting list of customers waiting to receive them if and when Litek  ever gets relocated and is able to supply me again. Please email me If you're interested in adding your name to the list. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I am frustrated with the lack of service my supplier has given me and hope you understand that because this is not a product we produce I have no control over the availability of supply.

Mini-FX Unit- $267.00

Slide On Microphone- $22.00

This Month Buy The Mini FX Unit and get the Slide On Microphone for $12.00

A $10.00 Savings

Price: $267.00


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FX Set


Slide On Mic

FX Unit

Got the flute today and I love it! Let me know when you have a flute in the key of F or below and I’ll buy it.

~Mark Barger, Recording Artist
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