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Clay Flute Creations by Xavier

Clay Flute Creations by XavierXavier is recognized as an authority in the reproduction of ancient Mayan and Aztec clay flutes and instruments. Until now his original clay instrument creations were only available directly from him and found nowhere else in the world. He has graciously offered us the opportunity to represent his works of art. We are honored to be able to make them available to you.

Xavier is a master of creating instruments identical to those used by Pre-Hispanic peoples.† They are replicas of the instruments used by the Aztecs, Mayas, and other indigenous nations from Mexico. After researching museums and private collections he has been able to bring these ancient instruments back to life.† He remains faithful to the original traditions of his ancestors.† All reproductions are hand-crafted individual works of art.† Each clay flute is skillfully crafted by Xavier, then placed in a kiln and fired. His style of finishing makes them look as if they were excavated from the earth and centuries old.† Each instrument has itís own unique features. The flutes are very durable.
We have the following available for immediate shipment:
Duality Mayan Clay Flutes with 5 Chambers
These clay drone flutes are both dramatic in appearance and sound. They are one of the most beautiful multi-chambered creations that Xavier has invented. The original Mayan flutes are not this elaborate. They were very simple flutes, much smaller in size, not like this large creation.

When played the clay warms making a haunting and spiritual tone. The two long chambers create a five-hole drone flute.† Two additional small chambers near the mouthpiece are bird whistles.† They each have three finger holes. In the center is a wind whistle that replicates the scream of howling wind. By having everything contained in one flute, the player doesnít have to pick up any other ocarinas or flutes while playing.

We have two flutes to offer.† One features a skull representing the sacred circle of life and death.† The other is a Mayan face of a warrior who represents life to give the flutist strength and power.† Each flute includes face symbols that are the guardian spirits of the flute.† The emotions dance in spiritual forms when you play this amazing flute, because you feel and hear the ancient voices of the past.

To hear a demonstration of these flutes visit here:Xavier Clay Flute Creations

Regular Price $1750.00.† This month $1400.00 - Save $350.00

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Skull Duality- SOLD

Skull Duality Full- SOLD
Warrier Duality- SOLD

Skull Duality Figure- SOLD

Skull Duality Bird Whistles

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Skull Duality Middle Face

Skull Duality Bottom Face

Skull Duality Mouthpiece

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Skull Duality End Chambers

Warrior Duality Full Flute

Warrior Duality Bird Whistles

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Warrior Duality Middle Face

Warrior Duality Bottom Face

Warrior Duality Mouthpiece

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Warrior Duality End Chambers

" I love my Original Voice flute by Jeff Calavan. It's always a favorite during performances with the fans. Needless to say, I am very picky with the flutes I choose to play on my recordings. It does not matter how nice they look...they have to sound great. You can hear Jeff's Original Voice Flute on my new album- Return to Balance... need I say more?"

~Jeff Ball-Recording Artist, Performer, Composer
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