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Six Hole Collector's Flute Card

How it Works
How it Works The Oregon Flute Store values your business. We are always looking for innovative ways to say thank you. We are proud to announce the addition of the "Six Hole Collector's Flute Card". With this card, you can earn a $200.00 award toward the purchase price of a flute. Here's how it works...
  1. Simply request a flute card at the time of your first flute purchase.
  2. It will arrive with one hole covered representing the purchase of your first flute.
  3. Then each time you purchase an additional qualifying flute, we will send you a flute hole sticker to put on your card.
  4. When all six holes on your flute card are filled send us your card and you will receive a FREE flute of your choice not exceeding a $200.00 value.
Let us help you build your flute collection and save you money at the same time.

Program Rules
Program Rules
  • Qualifying flutes are any flute purchase of $100.00 or more, purchased without any other discount offer.
  • After the purchase of six qualifying flutes, receive a FREE flute of your choice not exceeding a $200.00 value, or apply $200.00 toward the purchase of any flute we carry.
  • Award is good only toward the purchase of a flute. No other merchandise.
  • Flute Card is not transferable and can not be used in combination flute sales with friends. One card per customer.
  • It is the Customer's responsibility to maintain and supply the Six Hole Flute card upon redemption.
  • Oregon Flute Store will validate the purchase of each qualifying flute by customer name and shipping address upon redemption. Offer good only upon validation.
  • Award does not include shipping.
  • Previous flute purchases prior to the orginal issue date of your card do not apply.
  • A new card will be issued upon award.
  • Lost or stolen cards will not be refunded.
  • Program rules subject to change and cancellation at the descretion of the Oregon Flute Store.

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