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NEW- One of a Kind Fancy Oregon Spirit Flute
An Oregon Flute Store Exclusive!

NEW- One of a Kind Fancy Oregon Spirit FluteWe are very proud of our great state and wanted to create a special flute to celebrate it. We invited Brent Haines of WoodSounds flutes to design the Spirit of Oregon Flute. This flute is a true representation of our state crafted from indigenous Myrtle wood and Oregon Juniper with a special north coast style blue heron block.

Brent decorated this one F# Spirit of Oregon flute with two turquoise and two red coral inlayed rings.  He chose a spectacular piece of figured Oregon Juniper for the flute body with red coral inlays throughout. The detailed north coast heron is carved from a rich dark myrtle wood with an intricate grain pattern.  This is a one of a kind fancy flute that we are offering at the same price as our standard F# Spirit of Oregon Flute. Only One available. SOLD

Oregon has two distinct and different climates and terrain. The wet western side, and dry Eastern side. To represent the Western half we picked Oregon Myrtle wood to be used for the block. Myrtle wood is rare because it only grows two places on the entire planet. The Oregon coast is one of them. To represent the Eastern half we chose Oregon Juniper for the flute body. Oregon Juniper is a short hearty tree with an elegant fragrance. Tying these two woods together is the special North Coast Indian style Blue Heron block. The Blue Heron is a regular visitor here on the river.

Brent spent hours pioneering a method that could enable us to offer this highly detailed piece of North Coast Indian style art at a fantastic price. The block is a true collector’s piece. The Oregon Spirit flute has a wonderful cedar like tone with a warm spiritual voice. This six hole F# flute is tuned in the traditional minor Native American Scale.

Woodsounds Flutes by Brent Haines

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Left Side View SOLD

Right Side View SOLD

Finger Holes SOLD

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Mouthpiece SOLD

Block Top SOLD

Left Side Block SOLD

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Right Side Block SOLD

Front of Block SOLD

Inlayed Rings SOLD

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Wood Grain SOLD

Playing View

"Just back from Costa Rica. I took a nose dive down a flight of cement stairs with the flute carrier. My right knee and elbow skinned up but the flutes were just fine in the carrier. Someone also stepped on the carrier and of course it was stuffed into the overhead bin on the airplane and at least once someone tried to crush it with their carry on. Flutes traveled just fine. Thank you very much."

~Ruthie Neilan
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