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Remembrance Songbook of Patriotic, Love, Children and Irish Songs
Song Titles:
1. America
2.America, the Beautiful
3. Anchors Aweigh 
4. Brahm Lullaby (Cradle Song) 
5. Danny Boy
6. Down By the Old Mill Stream
7. Frere Jacque
8. Let Me Call You Sweetheart 
9. My Wild Irish Rose 
10. Oh! Susanna 
11. Oh You Beautiful Doll
12. Rock A Bye Baby 
13. Row Row Your Boat
14. School Days 
15. Take Me Out to the Ball Game 
16. Taps
17. The Battle Hymn of the Republic
18. The Caissons Go Rolling Along
19. The Marines Hymn
20. The Star-Spangled Banner
21. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
22. When Irish Eyes are Smiling
23. Yankee Doodle
24. You're a Grand Old Flag
Remembrance Songbook of Patriotic, Love, Children and Irish Songs

This Book of 24 beautiful patriotic, love, children and Irish melodies for the Native American flute is transcribed in Nakai Flute Tablature with finger charts for the six hole flute. These melodies are well-recognized and beautiful to hear and play. Anyone can play these songs. 

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Regarding your cases. I had chance to see a 4" diameter case from
FLutecase.com. It was made well, but i did not care for the fleece
lining (it puts fuzzy things on your flute socks) or the weight. That case
was heavy! Plus I like the design where one can remove/unsnap the shoulder strap. The Flutecase.com bag had the shoulder strap sewn on. Also, the top zip lid had to be peeled upward to do the zipping, it then had to be peeled down and had two velcro tabs to keep it there. I much prefer your method of the lid being sewn on and lipped over.
Its simply more fitted/finished looking. Everyone who has chance to see any of my Oregon flute store cases has to touch them. They simply stare and keep talking about how nice they are and how cute or neat it is (the Hummingbird).
Just a small pat on the back.
Thankyou for being in business

~Daryl Crisp
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