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Dan Red Buffalo Replica Flutes

Dan Red Buffalo Replica Flutes

An Oregon Flute Store Exclusive
Crafted by Tribal Registered Chippewa/ Comanche Artist Tim Blueflint

Over the last few years we at the Oregon Flute Store have grown very fond of Native flute maker and artist, Tim Blueflint. Tim is curious in nature and has a burning desire for making old-style flutes that warble. Jeff has always been an avid flute collector and like Tim, a serious fan of the warble. Jeff’s old flute collection includes an original Dan Red Buffalo flute. To honor this wonderful old time flute maker Tim and Jeff collaborated to create these replica Dan Red Buffalo warble flutes. The design is based off the original Dan Red Buffalo flute. However, these flutes warble and are tuned to the pentatonic scale. Our goal is to honor the old time flute maker, and to bring back these historical flutes. This way you don’t have to be a collector or pay several thousands of dollars to own one.

Words from the flute maker Tim Blueflint about these creations: “When Jeff and JoAnn approached me with this project, I began to realize the magnitude of what they were attempting to do... honor and remember one of the great flute makers of the past, Dan Red Buffalo. After several months of preparations and gathering the appropriate materials, I am extremely pleased with the final results and feel that it gives the honor that is due...

This flute is crafted from Eastern Red Cedar, a member of the Juniper family. It is a solid bore with no seams and has been finished with a six step, hand-finished technique that I developed to give an aged appearance. The hand painted bird head, color bands and details are true to the original flutes created by Dan Red Buffalo. The tie for the bird and drop are brain-tanned elk hide, cured in the smoke lightning struck cedar that was gathered from Mt. Ashland in Oregon. It has been dyed and waxed to an aged patina to match the rest of the finish. The drops are adorned with antique trade beads, white hearts and French glass, tin cones finish the tops of plumes that I have airbrushed to simulate eagle plumes. This flute's voice is incredible... old school and yet nicely tuned to a pentatonic scale, making it easy and comfortable to play. Finally, this flute contains my signature warble... Eagle Medicine, for the Spirit of the future owner.

I am honored to be chosen by the Oregon Flute Store to recreate this historical flute. It is my belief based on my Traditional Comanche teachings that, while the Native American Flute continues to evolve, we must remember and honor those that protected the beauty and traditions so that we might be able to enjoy today and preserve them for those that will follow us. I believe it is our duty to honor the past, thereby paving and protecting the path for future generations, just as it has been protected and preserved for us.”

Ah'Toa'Nea' (Walk in Beauty),
Tim Blueflint

Six hole Gm and Am Pentatonic warble flutes - One of each key in stock ready for immediate shipment

Regular Price $1050.00 Each, This Month $850.00 Each
Only one flute available at this special price. After it is gone, price is $1050.00

Dan Red Buffalo Replica Flutes

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AM Pentatonic Warble Flute

Full Flutes
Six Hole GM Warble Flute-SOLD

Heads and Feathers

DRB Head

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Block with Nesting Plate

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Signature A

Signature G

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