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Dyed Elegance Series "First Dyve"

An Oregon Flute Store Exclusive

Dyed Elegance Series We’ve been working with Brent Haines of Woodsounds Flutes, to create a truly unique flute series that would be both innovative and dramatic. The result is a new series entitled, Dyed Elegance. Each series will contain 5 un-numbered flutes and will have a theme. First “Dyve” is the first flute of our new dyed series.

The ocean and its creatures hold a special place in all of our hearts. We combined them to create the vision of a young whale diving in the blue ocean. Sure to inspire many songs this F minor flute is made of box elder burl dyed sea blue using a new special process by Woodsounds. It features a mother of pearl inlay ring below the mouthpiece and several mother of pearl inlay “fills” throughout the flute body that sparkle. The Blackwood mouthpiece and inlayed ring above the finger holes accent the blue color beautifully. The gray whale is carved from Buckeye burl and is mounted on a Blackwood base. The end of the flute is left with its natural burl opening. We have this one F six-hole on hand ready for immediate shipment. Only four flutes remain in this series and can be ordered in the key of your choice. No two flutes will be exactly alike due to the specialty of each burl used in its creation. Price $1063.00

Dyed Elegance Series First Dyve

Woodsounds Flutes by Brent Haines

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First Dyve $1063.00

First Dyve flute

First Dyve burl end

Dyed wood grain

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First Dyve mouthpiece

Whale Totem and River

Whale Totem

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"Thank You so much for the Eagle Five Case. It is absolutely beautiful! I not only love the Pendleton design on the case and pouch, but the craftsmanship is just remarkable. It will provide many hours of protection for my flutes on long trips. It also makes a GREAT conversation piece."
Thanks Again,

~William Hoage, Snowy Owl
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