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Silver Inlay Drone Flutes

Look Beautiful, Sound Beautiful!

Silver Inlay Drone FlutesGuillermo is offering us two of his Special Silver Inlay Drone flutes. They showcase his flute making journey. His 20+ years of experience is highlighted in each instrument.

Yellow Cedar High D
This high D yellow cedar with an inlayed silver/pink tourmaline stone piece just below the bird blocks is a screaming harmony of sound. The mouthpiece is mahogany and the birds are walnut with yellow heart wood.
$300.00 Only One Available
Mahogany Low E Drone
This is a beautiful Low E Mahogany drone with a maple mouthpiece and inlayed silver center piece with a tiger eye stone. It is detailed with a walnut ring below the moth piece. Very hunting a melodic in tone.
$480.00 Only One Available

Guillermo Martinez: Cedar Drone Flutes

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