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Robert Mirabal Pueblo Flute
Crafted from Old Growth Cottonwood

Robert Mirabal Pueblo FluteRobert and Brent met three years ago. They felt a mutual respect for their arts. Robert so respected and admired Brentís flutes, that he quickly became his main flute maker. When first getting to know each another, they dreamed of creating a flute made of wood indigenous to Robertís home at the Taos Pueblo. In January of 2006 Brent and his wife visited Robert and his family for the Pueblo New Years celebration. During this visit the idea for this Taos Pueblo flute crystallized in their minds. It took over a year to make it happen but now this creation is available to you.

This flute is crafted from an old growth Cottonwood. Cottonwood is a significant spiritual wood to the Taos Indians. Robert had an elder tree that was standing in his back yard on the reservation. The tree had passed on several years earlier and was ready to be harvested to be used in a good way. On January 7th of 2006, Robert and Brent cut down this old magnificent tree. In May of this year Brent traveled to Taos to bring back some of the wood. At that time he also picked up some red cedar that Robert had cut down on his property. Red cedar is the wood that the tribe uses to provide heat in their homes to this day. From these two woods types the Taos Pueblo flute is born.

The flute body is crafted from old growth cottonwood. The mouthpiece and unique end cap with itís Pueblo design is Red cedar. The block, which represents the Pueblo dwellings, is red cedar with detailed turquoise inlay. It is a remarkable representation of the ancient dwellings that are still in use today. Each flute has Robert Mirabalís logo burned on it signifying his contribution and endorsement to the project.

We currently have only one Mid range G in stock ready for immediate shipment. This is a remarkable flute in both tone and appearance. It offers a rich, mellow voice that is perfectly tuned. All other keys are available but will require four weeks construction time.

Woodsounds Flutes by Brent Haines

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End Cap

Mouth Piece


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Mirabal Logo


Harvesting Old Growth Cottonwood

"No matter how long we have been playing this beautiful instrument, it is good to know there are those out there who offer products and services that make it easier to improve the quality and playability of the Native American Flute. Ioianere!(It is good!) Niawenhko:wa (Many Thanks). Take care and stay strong. Onen ki wahi."

~Sakoieta' - The Mohawk Flute
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