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Toubat Replica Flute
In tribute to my late friend Dr. Richard W. Payne

Toubat Replica FluteThis Toubat replica flute was created out of respect and admiration for my late dear friend Dr. Richard W. Payne. I like to call him Doc. It was Docís wish to keep the traditional F# major warbling flute alive, and to share it with anyone who plays the flute.

The Toubat flutes design is based on a flute created by the outstanding Kiowa flute maker, Belo Cozad and was played by the late famous flute player Doc Tate Nevaquaya. Doc Payne dedicated more than 60 years of his life to preserving this Native American art form. I was invited by Doc to spend countless hours with him in his shop to learn his methods of crafting the Toubat flute, and learn of the flutes rich history. When Doc was still alive he gifted me his signature to be made into a burning iron, so that each flute would bear his name. This signature assures the buyer that they have purchased a true replica based on his methods and design. Each flute is created using his original tuning jig and his files to insure proper tuning and warble. In the old style of plains flute playing, the vigorous warble on the fundamental note was highly regarded. It was Docís desire to keep this warble alive. Each Toubat replica comes with a soft Pendleton case and a pamphlet explaining the history and how to play it.

"Doc Payne and I (right) both played the Toubat Signature flutes from the Oregon Flute Store and we were both pleased and impressed with the sound quality, workmanship, and the warble. The Toubat Signature flutes have a very clean sound and the feel of the original Toubat flute. Now, I can leave my original Toubat flutes at home where they are safe and play the Toubat replica flute when I need this very special sound for my concerts or school programs. With my eyes closed I can't tell the difference between the instruments and I am very happy to endorse the Oregon Flute Store's Toubat Replica Flute."
ó Peter Phippen
Canyon Records Recording Artist
Native American Music Awards Nominee

Vision Flutes by Jeff Calavan

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Toubat Replica Flute

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Doc Voicing Flute

"I use to be firmly in the "Hey for $15.00 get a fishing rod case" camp. I still believe that a fishing rod case is fairly good protection for what it costs, but I recently received my first-ever cases from the Oregon Flute Store and am I ever impressed! I will be giving away my fishing rod cases!!!! I bought several cases of which a number required special custom sizing. Jeff was patient and helpful in guiding me through the necessary measurements and explaining various options. I opted for the full Pendleton coverings and found them to be incredibly visually pleasing. The handles and shoulder harnesses are comfortable and well stitched...... I am not aware of any other product that I would prefer to provide "hardshell" protection for my flutes."

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