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Making the Native American Style Flutes with Bill Hughes PhD (in two volumes)

Making the Native American Style Flutes with Bill Hughes PhD (in two volumes)

Making the Native American Style Flutes with Bill Hughes PhD (in two volumes)

Bill Hughes specialty is teaching people how to make flutes Most importantly how to do it safely and efficiently. This is the most professional and thorough production that we have seen on how to make the NA style flute. The sound is amazing and the camera never bounces. Pure quality!
Jeff of the Custom Flute Shop has been crafting flute since 1992 and learned several new ideas on improving his own craft. Bill goes over the process from start to finish and spends a great deal of time on equipment, tools, jigs, safety, and finishes. Bill has created several valuable tools and jigs that are available here at the Oregon Flute Store.
This is a two hour DVD that is packed full of knowledge, a valuable film for any flute maker regardless of experience. Bill has taught many classes at Woodcraft stores and is an instructor at the prestigious Sitka learning center in Lincoln City Oregon.
Per request Bill has created another high quality must see production on how to make flutes using just hand tools. This is the best DVD for the beginning flute maker or traditionalist. Highly recommended!

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"I use to be firmly in the "Hey for $15.00 get a fishing rod case" camp. I still believe that a fishing rod case is fairly good protection for what it costs, but I recently received my first-ever cases from the Oregon Flute Store and am I ever impressed! I will be giving away my fishing rod cases!!!! I bought several cases of which a number required special custom sizing. Jeff was patient and helpful in guiding me through the necessary measurements and explaining various options. I opted for the full Pendleton coverings and found them to be incredibly visually pleasing. The handles and shoulder harnesses are comfortable and well stitched...... I am not aware of any other product that I would prefer to provide "hardshell" protection for my flutes."

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We offer flutes crafted by several flute makers. Some are Native; Some are not. We do not claim to be affiliated with a Native American Tribe. Some of our flutes are considered to be Native American Style Flutes. Not all our instruments and accessories are being made by tribal recognized Native American Indians. We will indicate in the product description if the item is Native made. Please visit The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 for more information on this issue. 
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