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Cedar Native American Style Flutes
Hand-picked to meet our specifications!

Cedar Native American Style Flutes
These Stellar flutes are hand-crafted six-hole flutes using western red cedar hand-picked to meet our specifications and come with a bird fetish.

Available in the following keys: (from lowest to highest): A, C, D, E, F, F#, G, C. Each flute is carefully tuned in the traditional pentatonic minor scale.

Cedar & Gallery Flutes by Stellar

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Each comes with a bird fetish

They are instruments of the highest quality that accurately play a rich tone representing the warm spirit of their makers.

"You are a true professional; I cannot say enough about your prompt responses to my inquiries. I am in the marketing business for an Airline Training Center and find it refreshing to communicate with someone who makes time for the smallest of customers. You've been professional in dealing with my many questions and me; I feel that I have made the right choice with the Oregon Flute Store. I will recommend you to anyone who asks and I am certain that I will do business with you in the future."
~John P Watts
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We offer flutes crafted by several flute makers. Some are Native; Some are not. We do not claim to be affiliated with a Native American Tribe. Some of our flutes are considered to be Native American Style Flutes. Not all our instruments and accessories are being made by tribal recognized Native American Indians. We will indicate in the product description if the item is Native made. Please visit The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 for more information on this issue. 
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