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Eastern Light Series Flutes
Light your new path with Mother Nature's natural Eastern Light Series flutes!

Eastern Light Series FlutesThese flutes literally light up the room and offer the warm resonant sound of softwood. They are crafted using only AAA-grade Eastern Red Cedar and are highlighted with a walnut mouthpiece, end cap and bear claw block.

We had such a wonderful time creating names for the popular Master Series and River Burl Series flutes by Brent Haines that we simply couldn’t wait to name this new series. Since the introduction of the Master Series and River Burl flutes you have requested that we create a sister flute made of warm sounding softwood. So here it is….

After opening the package and removing the first flute, it became very clear that these flutes literally lit up the room. We have never witnessed Mother Nature's awesome display of the Northern Lights in person. But, if there were ever such a phenomenon in the East, it would be these flutes. Thus the Eastern Light Series is born. These Eastern Light Series 6-hole flutes are created using only AAA-grade Eastern Red Cedar and are highlighted with a walnut mouthpiece, end cap, and fetish. The magnificent flutes will light up any room, and will surely guide your way to many wonderful new songs.

The Eastern Light Series flutes are an Oregon Flute Store exclusive.

Woodsounds Flutes by Brent Haines

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Med. G

Created using only AAA grade Eastern Red Cedar
Med F#

Made of warm sounding softwood

Walnut mouthpiece, end cap, and fetish

"I received the order today, and would like to thank you for such fast and accurate service.
I would also like to let you know that your efforts in packaging make a difference. When I received the box, it had been partially crushed and the styrofoam peanuts were falling out of what was left of the box's endflap. I was expecting a disaster. However...due to the care that was shown when the flute was packaged, it was actually unharmed. With this type of customer service, I feel it would be foolish to look any place else for my flutemaking supplies. May I once again offer my sincere thanks for the quality of your products and service."

~John C. "Pete" Glesser
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