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Jan Michael Looking Wolf Signature Flute

by Brent Haines of Woodsounds Flutes

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The Beginning
Time has passed since we introduced to the world the Douglas Spotted Eagle Signature flute. The Douglas Spotted Eagle flute was a huge success and we had a wonderful time working with Spot to bring his vision to life. Since that time we have been working with another talented artisan, Brent Haines of Woodsounds flutes.

The Creation
Brent's concept was simple and full of spirit. He wanted to create a signature package in which every piece was a beautiful piece of art, including the case and stand. Brent wanted this creation to embody the spirit of the great Northwest, and represent a truly gifted flute player.

The Signature Man
After a great deal of thought Jan Michael Looking Wolf was chosen to represent the embodiment of this great flute. Jan Michael Looking Wolf is a Kalapuya Native American from the Grande Ronde Tribes of Oregon. He grew up on the reservation with his family and is a recording artist, performer, teacher, songwriter, flute historian, and wonderful friend. Looking Wolf has been nominated for numerous awards and has five CDs to his credit, and has performed at over 200 appearances since 2002. When Looking Wolf is not in the studio he teaches a three-credit course entitled "Introduction and History of the Native American Flute", at Oregon State University. Looking Wolf just finished his latest CD, entitled "Tribute to the Flute Maker", which is included in this package.

The Spirit
What really drew us to Looking Wolf was his incredible zest for life. A few years ago he suffered two major strokes from the result of a rare blood disease and nearly died. It took two years of intense therapy and rehabilitation to recover from the strokes. Looking Wolf is a very strong-willed person with great faith in the Creator, family, and friends. He treasures each new day and the gifts it brings. This flute is such a gift.

The Flute
The Looking Wolf signature flute is a fine honed instrument that immediately makes a statement. This flute is constructed to achieve a very high level of playing. Looking Wolf worked along the side of flute maker Brent Haines to insure that this flute exceeds all standards.

Body - This flute is made of Chechen, a special wood from Southern Mexico and Central America. This wood was chosen for its bold swirl grain (that gives the stunning effect of wolf hair), heft, and butter sound. Brent feels that his best sounding flutes have been created using this wood.

Accents - The accent yellow stripes and the howling moon were created using ancient Alaskan yellow cedar burl. This is very rare wood and really ties in the Northwest theme. The leather tie is made of high-grade tanned elk and is a pleasure to work with.

Mouth Piece - The mouth piece and howling wolf block are crafted of Amboynia Burl. Amboynia burl is considered the diamond of the hardwoods and is used on the dashboards of the Rolls Royce.

Inlays -There are 5 inlayed wolf prints running along the flute containing a special blend of stones made up of azurite, black obsidian, turquoise, and malachite.

The Wolf - The stunning howling wolf block is the result of Looking wolf's vision that came about during a late night planning session with Brent. After the phone call Brent was so excited that he stayed up most of the night creating this powerful totem.

Sound & Engineering
This six hole Low Em flute was engineered to produce an ultra clear voice with lots of volume and allow the player total control over all notes. The flute possesses many nuances that any flute player would appreciate such as:
  • Solid bore one-piece design
  • Durable and lasting finish that has the luster of a 2000 year old glacier.
  • The bird nest or totem platform is designed with side rails. This keeps the bird (totem) from twisting and falling off while you are strapping it to the flute.
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece designed for comfort
  • Built in moisture chamber to help control moisture and wet out

The Coolest Case on the Planet
This is our favorite part of the package. Like the Douglas Spotted Eagle Signature flute, we wanted a special stand, but also wanted to protect the flute. The result is a beautifully crafted case which is also an elegant flute stand. Created to embody the spirit of the North Coast wolf, the Looking Wolf case is routed from two pieces of premium hand selected alder. The North coast wolf design is hand painted for a true gallery feel. As the wolf of the sea, the Orca whale in the center of the case honors Looking Wolf's North coast heritage.

The case is lined with faux suede to keep the flute safe and each flute component fits perfectly in form-fitted compartments. Powerful magnets securely hold the case together both when traveling and when the case is being used as a flute stand.

We feel that the case alone is a true work of art and worthy of any home or gallery. So we also created a high quality nylon carrying case, complete with shoulder strap, to protect the case. This will make it possible for you to travel and show off your flute. This is pure class.

The Complete Package

This is a limited edition flute package with only 25 being sold. They will be sold on a first come basis. Since the flutes are numbered we will be happy to try to accommodate you with your preferred number. We thank you in advance for your continued support of these special offerings and look forward to sending you your new flute.

The details of the package are as follows:

  • One numbered and signed Low Em 6 hole Looking Wolf Signature flute.
  • One Wolf Spirit carved alder case/stand
  • One nylon carrying case to protect and carry alder case
  • Looking Wolf's newest CD, Tribute to the Flute Makers. Special note: Looking Wolf will be happy to personalize and autograph your CD by sending it to him.
  • One limited edition signed Looking Wolf Poster

Pricing & Availability
Complete package $1,850.00 plus shipping

For more information regarding Jan Michael Looking Wolf music and Brent Haines flutes, please see their web sites at:

Many thanks,
Looking Wolf, Brent Haines, Jeff & JoAnn Calavan

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